Revision Policy

Our company knows customers need reviews to modify their orders, and by doing so, obtaining the best quality work they desire. Therefore, we will tell you how it works, hence the review policy.

One of the most frustrating challenges for many freelancers is dealing with repeated client requests for project revisions. We are ready to handle this kind of challenge regularly at International Business Gates, so don't worry. We have a dedicated team to handle this kind of recurring request.

Offering one or two free reviews, depending on the nature of the market and what works for the customer, will do two things. First, the client will realize that every other review cost extra money. Secondly, we will be more careful and focused on customers' requests.

If the project is large, more than two requests can be submitted for review to ensure customer satisfaction and that the project reaches the maximum degree of success and completion.

Mentioned below are the terms of review: