Cashflow projection

What is the expected cash flow?

The projected cash flow shows the expected incoming and outgoing cash flows in the coming weeks and months. When it is set up, one anticipates all the incoming and outgoing payments that one expects in the future. Cashflow projections help you estimate the correct times for investments and offers at an early stage when a cash shortage occurs. This gives you enough time to start actions and prepare for upcoming situations in the best possible way. Thus, cash flow forecasts are a vital tool for optimally managing the company's liquid funds

Why is IBgates the best company to perform your cash projection?

At (Ibgates), we prepare a statement of projected cash flows for your company at the beginning of the business year. The cash flow statement from the previous business year serves as the basis. Based on the past cash flow balance, a projected cash flow balance is prepared for your company by estimating the projected cash flows for the coming year. Our experts assess your company's cash flow balance at the end of the year. For example, if significant investments are planned for a year, it is also possible to determine if sufficient cash is available for financing or if a loan should be obtained. To create a presentation of your company's cash flow, cash flow specialists need to know the current cash flow. To do this, having a detailed overview of the incoming and outgoing payments for the last three to six months is helpful. Collaborating with (Ibgates) on cash flow forecasting gives an immediate impression of how high your recurring payments are. Since the amount of these payments is always the same, it is straightforward to anticipate them in the future Group deposits and withdrawals into categories, for example this:

Revenues Expenses
Revenue from sales Payment of salaries and wages
Income from financial investments Marketing costs
tax refund General & Administrative expenses
Revenue from licenses Software subscription and license fees
Another source of income Investment
Tax revenue Tax payments