What is income tax?

Why IBgates is your perfect partner to assist you in managing your income tax?

  1. First, our experts will assist you to register with the Government Online Services and then request an activation code to enroll for Income Tax Services.
  2. Our experts will submit and view your tax returns and receive instant notification of receipt of the return.
  3. Our experts will assist you to view details of assessments and balance details easily and securely.
  4. In addition, will assist you to make online payments by any online payment methods such as credit card or debit card.
  5. Register the taxpayer on the electronic filing website.
  6. Assistance in filing an income tax return file.
  7. Follow up on the status of the tax application.
  8. Submit a response to a pending tax request.
  9. Follow up on how to submit a correction request.
  10. Follow up on the tax refund status.
  11. How is a refund request re-issued? (If recovery fails).
  12. Registration services as legal heir (applicable in case of death of any taxpayer) Register as legal heir (applicable in case of death of any taxpayer).
  13. Respond to government notifications