What is Desktop App Development?

Desktop applications are programs designed to run on computers and use system resources to perform their functions. These programs run on top of operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. Desktop application development is software programming that creates computer programs to be run on the desktop. The most common use case for these applications is business-oriented and provides certain functionality such as word processing, spreadsheets, or project management tools.

Why IBgates is the right partner for Desktop App Development?

  1. In (IBgates), we develop desktop applications that can work locally. Users can perform different tasks, including storing and retrieving data, without connecting to the internet.
  2. In (IBgates), we develop desktop applications that are more secure than web apps because system-specific policies protect them. Users or administrators have better control over desktop applications.
  3. In (IBgates), we develop platform-specific desktop applications, and an executable package must be downloaded and installed. With desktop applications, users must download the installation or update files on their computer devices.
  4. In (IBgates), we develop desktop applications that include processes typically executed faster on desktop apps.