What is Embedded Software?

Why is Embedded Software so important?

Why IBgates is the right partner to create Embedded Software?

  1. In (IBgates), we develop Embedded systems that are a massive part of the operation of most of the technology that we use in our day-to-day lives. Our home appliances, smartphones, heating, and security systems operate without interference in our homes.
  2. In (IBgates), we develop microcontrollers that perform a specific function within a product and can be found in almost every modern piece of technology that we use today.
  3. Our embedded systems are small, low-cost, and need little power to operate. They are usually only made up of a power supply, communication ports, a processor, and memory storage. They require minimal software to run and interact with other components, even though they usually only perform a straightforward function.
  4. Being designed and programmed only for one purpose, (IBgates) embedded systems are incredibly reliable electronic components that do not need much maintenance and are pretty easy to add to a device.