What is photo editing?

Why IBgates is the perfect partner to perform photo editing?

  1. Our experts quickly adjust and correct images. You can also use filters, frames, and other special features to edit photos, such as changing image lighting and color control.
  2. In (IBgates), we offer a set of features such as cropping and rotating images, removing unwanted elements such as dust spots and scratches, adjusting image geometry such as rotating and cropping, correcting lens aberration, sharpening or softening the image, making color changes or adding special effects to the idea, and imbalance brightness in addition to red-eye removal, adjusting image clarity and resolution.
  3. Our photo editing experts help you get the best image possible, as close to what you imagined when you took the photo (or better, perhaps). Niche photographers can hone and emphasize their style. And for businesses, editing helps cement branding.